Centenary of the Battle of Dogger Bank January 24 1915.

January 24 saw the Centenary of this battle fought off the Dogger Bank in the North sea between the opposing forces of Rear- Admiral David Beatty and Admiral Franz von Hipper. It involved the first clash of the Dreadnoughts on which so much time and expenditure had been invested by Great Britain and Germany. The result was a victory for the Royal Navy although a flawed one in that errors were made enabling von Hipper’s battlecruiser force to make good their escape, losing only the armoured cruiser Blucher and almost his flagship Seydlitz. Beatty’s flagship, Lion, was badly damaged and had to be taken in tow by Indomitable.

Two Devonport built ships took part HMS Lion, a battlecruiser and HMS Aurora, a light cruiser, which was the first to sight the German force and open fire. Disappointingly, there was no coverage either by the press or TV on such an important event and shows how much work is needed to promote our naval heritage.

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