Devonport Naval Heritage Centre Newsletter April 2015


1-11/1943. Battle of Argenta Gap, NE Italy – Lake Commachio. 42 & 43 Commando Royal Marines, with Special Boat Servivce. A Commando assault across the Lake & across the narrow spit of land between it & the Adriatic Sea. VC (posthumous) Corporal T.P. HUNTER RM

2/1879. Battle of Gingindlovu, known as "Gin gin I love you" by the Naval Brigade which defeated Zulus there.

2/1982. Argentine invasion of Falkland Islands. Naval Party 8901, defending Govt. House, reluctantly surrendered, as ordered by the Governor.

3/1917. VC-Major F.W. Lumsden DSO RM Artillery, bringing back captured German guns under fire.

3/1944. Fleet Air Arm attack on German battleship TIRPITZ, Alten Fjord, Norway, putting her out of action for 3 months.

5/1755. 50 companies of Marines raised, divided into 3 Grand Divisions, based at Chatham, Portsmouth & Devonport.

8/1940. VC-Lt.Cdr.G.B.ROOPE RN, CO HMS GLOWWORM, away from support, encountered & fought German cruiser ADMIRAL HIPPER, ramming her before being sunk off Norway.

9/1942. Aircraft carrier HMS HERMES sunk by Japanese aircraft off Trincomalee, Ceylon, 1st sinking of a carrier by carrier-borne aircraft.

10/1855. VC-Chief Boatswain’s Mate J. Sullivan, Naval Brigade, Crimean War, marking enemy gun positions under fire.

10/1940. Fleet Air Arm aircraft sank German cruiser KONIGSBERG at Bergen, Norway, the 1st major German ship sunk by air attack in WW2 & the 1st by aircraft dive bombing.

11/1940. HMSub SPEARFISH, after being attacked 66 times with depth charges, torpedoed German pocket

Battleship LUTZOW, putting her out of action for 1 year.

15/1797. Mutiny began in ships at Spithead, off Portsmouth, over pay & lack of any support for families.

17/1941. GC(George Cross)-Lt.E.O.Gidden RNR, rendering safe & disposing of aerial mines, London.

17/1951. HMSub AFFRAY sank in Channel, faulty Schnorkel tube for air supply at periscope depth.

23/1918. Assault on ZEEBRUGGE, Belgium, to block access canal. 8 VC awarded.

25/1915. British, Australian & New Zealand soldiers (ANZACs) landed from RN ships off Gallipoli, Turkey,trying to capture Dardanelles for access to the Black Sea.

26/1982. Falklands War.RN ships, RM Cdos & SAS retake Leith, South Georgia.

27/1915. VC- Lt.Cdrs.RN E.BOYLE & M.E.NASMITH, COs HMSubs E14 & E11, for operations in Sea of Marmara, Turkey.

28/1789. Mutiny in HM Armed Vessel BOUNTY. Soon after starting her return to England from Tahiti about half of the men onboard, having enjoyed life ashore there, wanted to stay, so cast the Master (Lt. BLIGH) & supporters adrift.

28/1864. VC-Capt.of Foretop S.Mitchell, HMS HARRIER, Maori War, for evacuating his mortally wounded Commander from a Maori compound.

28/1940. VC-Lt.R.B.Stannard RNR, CO HMS ARAB, in actions against enemy aircraft & artillery attacks off Namsos, Norway.

29/1802. Marines entitled Royal Marines by King George III, for meritorious service.

29/1940. GC-Lt.J.W.A.Low RN & AB H.J.Miller (posthumously) HMS UNITY, for gallantry in collision with SS ATLE JARL, off Blyth.

30/1917.VC-Actg.Lt.W.C.Sanders RNR, Q Ship 21, in action with Sub.U93, near Fastnet Rock.

30/1946.GC-Lt.G.Gosse RANVR for rendering safe & disposing of new German acoustic “oyster” mines in Bremen harbour, during May 1945.

30/1964. 45 Cdo RM began operations against anti-British guerrilla groups in the Radfan area, during the Aden Emergency.


Dave Scobel, our model shipbuilder, conservator & repairer, starting repair work on HMS DRAKE’s model of HMS ORION. Dave worked as a Shipwright in Devonport Dockyard.


From C-in-C Mediterranean, Admiral Cunningham, to Admiral Commanding Force H, Admiral Somerville, already a KBE, on the occasion of his receiving the KCB:


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